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Scrap Management Programs

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Wheat City Metals Scrap Management Program

At Wheat City Metals, we understand the importance of maximizing returns while minimizing hassle when it comes to managing your scrap. That’s why we’re proud to offer our Scrap Management Recycling Program tailored to meet your specific needs.
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Our Commitment to You

We work closely with you to develop a scrap management program that not only maximizes your return on investment but also ensures environmentally responsible practices every step of the way. With our program, you can expect:


  • Safety and Environmental Advice: Our experts provide guidance to ensure the safety of your operations and adherence to environmental regulations.
  • On-site Collection Equipment: We offer a range of collection equipment to suit your operation’s needs, making scrap collection convenient and efficient.
  • Material Pickup/Transport: Count on us for reliable pickup and transportation services to ensure your scrap reaches us safely and on time.
  • Scrap Identification and Segregation Information: Our team assists in identifying and segregating different types of scrap materials for optimal recycling.
  • Independent Monitoring and Volume Verification: We provide independent monitoring and volume verification services to ensure accuracy and transparency in your scrap management process.

Convenient Options

While you’re more than welcome to bring your scrap metal to us, we understand that it’s not always convenient or even possible. That’s why we offer flexible options for scrap pickup:


  • Bin Container Service: Take advantage of our bin container service for convenient on-site scrap collection.
  • Farm/Site Large Clean Ups: We can tailor our pickup services to meet your specific needs utilizing our on-site crew.
Crane picking up scrap metal

Ready to streamline your scrap management process and maximize your returns? Simply call or email us to learn more about our Scrap Management Recycling Program and find out which service option is right for you.

At Wheat City Metals, we’re dedicated to providing efficient, environmentally responsible scrap management solutions tailored to your needs. Let us help you turn your scrap into value – contact us today!

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